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~~~ Ruth Bennett ~~~

Although Ruth Bennett has only been a student of RSE since 2004, it didn't take her long to realize that her master teacher may just be right when it comes to predicted earth changes and governmental/economic strife, and that it was time to "get out of Dodge" and seriously begin preparations. As a transplant from the east coast, working in Buffalo, New York as a legal secretary/paralegal for over 30 years, she focused on being sovereign and being in the great Pacific Northwest, close to her school in order to prepare for the days to come, which, of course, are here now.

It was when she heard the teacher say that everyone who owns land should "perfect" the title to their land and be able to show proof that they own their land that she decided to check this out. Many months of researching land titles brought her to realize that, once again, intelligent people have been duped into believing that holding title to their land by a warranty deed was legally sufficient to protect their valuable investment (especially if they paid cash for their land or had paid off their mortgage); however, she found out differently. Her research uncovered the fact that in the United States "a patent for land is the highest evidence of title and is conclusive as evidence against the government…." United States v. Stone, 2 U.S. 525. With her legal background skills, she quickly worked to patent her land so that it could never be taken away from her. And, to take it a step further, she is now diligently working to help others perfect and protect their land ownership as well.

"I realize that there are other entities online who offer to do some of the work entailed (for a lot more money). I want every land owner to have the peace of mind a Land Patent will bring them so I am doing all of the work involved for a very reasonable sum if the land owner is too busy, does not understand legal terminology, or is downright intimidated by the whole process. My passion is to educate all rural landowners about how a Land Patent can protect them, even though the powers that be want you to believe that land patents no longer exist."

    All of the information given is purely educational and informative in nature. It does not constitute professional, legal, or other advice. IT IS
    I am not an attorney, and do not practice law or give legal advice.
My background is that of a Legal Secretary/Paralegal working in divers departments, such as Corporate, Pension, Litigation (mainly defense), Labor & Employment, and Intellectual Property (Trademark filings).

If you call or she will send you, to the e-mail address you wrote from, a 9-page informational document entitled "Land Patents 101" so you can decide for yourself if this is important to you.

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April 30th, 2012
"The Power of Your Land Patent!"

More on the beginning of USA federal and public land in the 1700's. The private corporation called the Federal Reserve, why it was created and how it affects us today. This hour is devoted to the power you will have with a land patent. Examples of what could happen that the land patent will override. A quote from a case: "States statues that give less authoritative ownership of title then the patent, can not even be brought into federal court!" Ruth discusses Listeners' questions as well as those she received, and your hosts' findings of local legislation to challenge the land patent, such as the "No Shooting Ordinance", "Critical Area Ordinance", and the house bill on wood Stoves. While the state is adding more and more restrictions; no shooting, portions of your land you may not use, and your wood stove taken & destroyed, your land patent with the superior title would trump all of these trespasses on your land. "There is ample case law denoting the superiority of a land patent over a mere deed to prove title if you ever have to defend it in court." And what about liens, well water rights, and we went so far as to mention the Fed Gov possible confiscation of food and supplies in the name of national security, as well as imminent domain, all land grabs done under the color of law. "Two words folks, Land Patent!"
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April 23rd, 2012
"Do You Really Own Your Land?"

You will be amazed by what you hear in this hour, we were! Whether you have a mortgage or your property is paid off, chances are you do not own your land unless you have a land patent. First a little history on public lands in the U.S. and how settlers, homesteaders, bidders, acquired their land. The impact of the California Gold Rush, and the start of the Bureau of Land Management. The history of land ownership in England where it all originated, America, the Colonists, and the rule of constitutional law in the U.S.A. "Our Founding Fathers intended all people to be sovereign and through ownership of land were in essence kings of their own land, subservient to no lord or superior power." So now, what is a land patent and how does it benefit land owners? "The beauty of updating the existing land patent in your name is that you will actually own your own land because you will have a superior title." The superior title vs. the color of title, such as deeds. The importance of understanding the difference between land and real estate. What you gave to the bank when you entered your mortgage agreement is what the bank will keep forever even if you pay off your property, unless you have a land patent. With superior title no one can step on your land without your authorization, not government officials from your town, county, or state. You will not need permission from anyone to do anything on you property. How by obtaining a permit to build even a shed you have entered into what is called an "adhesion contract" which does give them the right to come onto your land, once protected by your land patent you no longer require permits to build! You will hear about the process of finding your land patent and having it updated in your name. It is very time consuming, it entails several steps that require great attention to detail, an understanding of legal terms, and takes about two months to complete. So what Ruth is offering is her expertise and administrative services to do the work for you. After listening to what is involved we certainly prefer Ruth doing it, we want a flawless land patent.

To receive a detailed PDF or have questions please contact Ruth via email or phone.

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