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Independent Musicians on Beyond the Ordinary
All music in our Live Stream,
and some of the artists are also Guests on BTO!

  (in order of submission to BTO...more or less ;-)
"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing
the inexpressible is music."
 - Aldous Huxley
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Now Enjoy Meeting and Discovering our List of Lovely Musicians!
Music For Focus Work by Remko Arentz!
            "Listen to this Music at Google Play Here!"

Listen to the Music Here!Listen to the Music Here!
This new  "Music for Focus Work"  contains long tracks with slowly changing landscapes that can be used for all types of focus work.

Your BTO hosts highly recommend Remko's focus music, it really gets you "...out there...!"

Listen to the Music Here!Listen to the Music Here!Listen to the Music Here!

You can listen to all of Remko's albums at Google PLay Here!.

"A Candlelight Christmas"
arranged by Joe Bongiorno

Click here for this Xmas Album!You have heard Joe's beautiful piano music on BTO, now we get the wonderful treat of his first Christmas album just released in November 2010!

     ~ Enjoy this beautiful Christmas music! Make it be a lovely Christmas gift for friends and family!

Joe's Christmas album is available on CD or mp3 download Click Here for Details!

Visit Joe's Website Here!Joe puts himself into these
wonderful Christmas renditions!

"Loss of Eden"
by David Deau & Ayesha Adamo

Loss of Eden is a new classic rock, retro infused pop/rock invention with cleverLoss of Eden Website lyrics, heartfelt passion, and a sometimes cheeky taste for revolution.  Band members Ayesha Adamo and David Deau aim to pave the way for a new breed in pop music: artists with something to say and something to mean. In a music world where imperfection itself is a radical idea, Loss of Eden brings you the kind of transparency you’ve been waiting for. If you long to hear songs with lyrics that are meaningful, truthful vocal performances, and a return to songwriting with story and emotion, then Here’s Your Revolution.

iTunes      Amazon mp3      BLOG      MySpace      FaceBook

"Use Your Imagination"
written and arranged by Tangy Faith & Allen Cobb

"Use Your Imagination" was written to inspire today's youth, reminding them to use their imagination. And as a reminder for ALL of us, to always have a light child like heart and enjoy the adventure and the beautiful life we can create.
     ~ Hope you enjoy!

Tangy can be contacted at

Can YOU feel the LOVE?       

This is a really great rap, it should be a Top #1, MTV could use some of this!

The Symphony of Science
by John Boswell

Spreading scientific knowledge and philosophy through music!

Symphony of Science Videos Here!The goal of the project is to bring scientific knowledge and philosophy to the masses, in a novel way, through the medium of music. Science and music are two passions of mine that I aim to combine in a way that is intended to bring a meaningful message to listeners, while simultaneously providing an enjoyable musical experience.

See these fascinating music videos at

...and Colorpulse
A blend of electronica, rock, acoustic and ambient music composed, performed, and recorded by John Boswell

Colorpulse Music Here!

Very creative young man,
definitely beyond the ordinary!
Download Colorpulse Music Here!

by Perpetuum Jazzile

Perpetuum Jazzile new album 'Africa' Here!The CD album "Africa" follows up the multi-million viewed success of our a cappella rendition of the beloved TOTO's masterpiece. But the 64-minute studio recorded album by PJ vocals is more. There you will find our newest fiery tunes and beats of Earth Wind & Fire, brand new vocals-only rendition of Will You Be There as our tribute to Michael Jackson, the legendary Bee Gees tunes… The CD also brings up the lovely memories of our recent Latin American concert tour with a few beautiful Brazilian songs, including the marvellous Aquarela do Brasil. Moreover, we could not have the new CD without the Astor Piazzolla's a cappella Libertango, and last but not l east - there are some lovely new tunes of Slovenian songs as well.
Get "Africa" Here!          
This is that astounding group from Slovania that we have shown to you on
youtube and with over 6 million views!
Try to believe there are no instruments used! Even the thunder and rain are
produced by their hands and feet, beautiful!

"Travel the Free Life"
by Sharbono & Hall

Travel the Free Life Here!"Travel the Free Life" was released by Holo Arts Publishing a division of Hallograph Publishing. All songs are registered with ASCAP. Lyrics are by T.D. Hall a long-time poet dramatist and lyricist. Music by Ron Sharbono. The CD was produced by Hall and Sharbono. All songs are performed by Ron Sharbono. Female vocals by Lorrain.

A beyond the ordinary country album which includes
several troubador songs!

PS22 Chorus
Fifth-Graders at Staten Island, New York

The PS22 Chorus Here! Gregg Breinberg, aka "Mr. B", has a passion for teaching music and with stunning results! Listen to his story on BTO! This is a heartwarming, joyful, and inspiring example of how we can shine to the world!

PS22 YouTube Channel
These kids are awesome, you will be uplifted and moved to joyful tears.

"Raise A Holy Fire"
Original Music by Lakshmi Devi

Get 'Raise A Holy Fire' Here! This music is dedicated to the Liberation of Humanity, to the lifting of us all, by means of Grace, from suffering into the exalted primordial beauty that is our Original Soul. Each song is a prayer dedicated to the Hero and Heroine's journey that we are all on, and an honoring of that divine spark of life that forever compels us towards higher states of Beauty and Love even if sometimes we have to fall in order to rise again.

We love it, great music and lyrics, another powerful and impactful addition to the BTO Music Stream!

"An Evening With Bob Delgado"

Find 'An Evening With Bob Delgado' Here!The Solos and Duet arrangements of Bob Delgado’s artistry are both charming and entertaining. Bob has demonstrated his talents at many venues, including fund raising benefits for City and Church Organizations. He has performed at a variety of Ethnic Organizations throughout the United States and Canada. Bob was a featured performer at the “United States Mayors Conference” in 1996. President Bill Clinton and San Francisco’s Mayor Willie Brown were among the distinguished attendees.

Bob's accordion brings back to me fond childhood memories from a time when in spite of the adversities going on the goodness of people persevered. I loved to hear my grandmother play the accordion, there was something special about it that made everything seem alright. -- Nancy at BTO

Order CD Here!
Master of Music has a New Album!
"Behind the Mask"

by Debbie Christie

And Guest on BTO!!
Debbie Christie, Master of Music at
Ramtha's School of Enlightenment
is known for her expertise behind the audio riser at RSE events where she raises the entire group up into the infinite unknown! Debbie has been all over Europe demonstrating and teaching how to see through cards and know the future, not just guess! She is a great inspiration for everyone, fascinated with Ramtha's teaching of the "Henry Sugar" story, she proved that applying great knowledge really does work. Her message to audiences around the world is, "Anyone can do this!"
Order CD Here!

We were Divinely Jazzed with "Rhythmic Odyssey",
now four years later what a treat to have "Behind the Mask",
it's awesome and wonderful!   Enjoy them both!

Debbie talks about her work on BTO!
(there's much more than just seeing through cards)

La Forza!
Students of the Great Work

La Forza CD and MP3 Download Here! "Dance Music for Your Mind (Vol. I)"
is introspective and outrageous. Ranging from ambient soundscapes to high-energy dance music to solo piano, "Vol. I" was created specifically to accompany the conscious creation of reality. Perfect for C&E®/Focus/Dance. Our next project, "The Plane of Bliss", is an ambient/chill-out album designed for use in focus and contemplation.

La Forza is located in Yelm, WA. It is our passion to create music that can uplift, move and inspire change. We make electronic music intended to support contemplation, incite imagination, and increase neuro-plasticity. What sets us apart is that our keyboardist, Divina Klein, is a classically trained pianist from Vienna, Austria who translates her experience and skill into gorgeous electronic music.   Your BTO Hosts love it!
C&E® is a registered trademark of JZK, Inc.

Elephant Revival!

Elephant Revival at CD Baby Whether it is distance, personal obstacles or differing states of mind, the contributors to this project are constantly working to break down the barriers in order to remove the obstacles and to embrace the revival. This is the dance we all revel in and the celebration is open for us all to share. In this respect, we can all help to revive the human spirit through song and dance.

Located in Nederland, Colorado, high up in Rocky Mountain country, a place where people live and play in a picturesque time and space. And in this remote mountain town, there’s a unique ensemble of egoless Earth dwellers that are known around these parts as Elephant Revival. The Elephants are now free to roam about the country.   A Wonderful Addition to the BTO Music Stream!

Click Here for Bodhi's Website
Bodhi K. Setchko

Also See Cloud Etchings Here in our Meditation & Focus section!
BODHI's New Album!

"Trans Ukraine", a new perspective transcending language and cultural identity. Bodhi and two Ukranian artists collaborate to explore a distant landscape and new feelings. Here him talk about "...that Healing Force" on BTO!
Click Here for Bodhi's Website

"Shamanic Flute", a solo flute album using Pan flute, silver flute, bamboo flute, and wood flute, truely a shamanic journey in it's unfolding.

Click Here for Bodhi's Website
"Shamanic Flute"

Here II Here Site
Since 2004, HERE II HERE (formerly “Inner Voice”) has been moving and inspiring crowds with
its rhythmic blend of smooth Pop, Rock, and Soul-drenched R&B music dripping with innovative
modern mainstream sounds using their authentic blend of vocal harmonies, melodies, acoustic
Here II Here Site and electric guitars, and good vibes that lucidly float on top of an
unusual percussive mix of ethnic and modern drums.

Watch their exceptional live performance of their very special song
"Holy" on YouTube, that says it all!

Find more on these lovely musicians at

Sign up on their website to receive an announcement of their
upcoming CD release!

BTO wants to know more about these guys so you can look foreword to a conversation with them soon!

Staya Erusa DVD Site
Find the Book of Knowledge Soundtrack
composed by Jack J.C. Peeters

...the story begins with Uri Geller

The Message – A broader consciousness for a better world
We are doing this by sharing insights and stimulating a broader way of thinking.
When we all are conscious, we can conquer the challenges of this world
and create an environment that all of us can enjoy.

This film, combined with Jack J.C. Peeter's beautiful soundtrack,
is an outstanding portrayal of human potential.

This beautiful CD is available now in our Deep Void Store! Listen to track samples.

Bhakti Tribe Site

Ancient Waves

Bhakti Tribe is the collective vision of a diversely talented, spirit-moved group of musicians. It is a cooperative, collaborative, musical phenomenon- an ongoing event celebrating spirit, life, and the creative energy that flows through us all.

Heart Music Site

Rising to fame in the 70's and to their fan's delight still getting "that urge", Heart has always made urgent, immediate and compelling music. Following their creative impulses has made Heart one of the most innovative and enduring musical partnerships of our time with over 30 million albums sold worldwide

Bhakti Tribe Site
Hidden Worlds Soundtrack: Orbs the Veil is Lifting
Petals in the Stream and Ascending Spiral

Randy Mead has a Masters Degree in Arts and Media Technology. His thesis was on Just Intonation (based on sacred geometric ratios of frequency relationships) and psycho-acoustics (the relationship of sound and music to human feelings, emotions,
and states of being.)

And Guest on BTO!

Response Collective Site

As well as being a melodic and rhythmic experience the album features a general theme of expanding consciousness, quantum physics and the mysteries of our inner world and our outer universe. Samples include excerpts from the highly Response Collective Sitesuccessful movie “WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW “ featuring Dean Radin and Amit Goswami These samples appear courtesy of Lord Of the Wind Films, LLC©2004.

In a modern world where a computer can almost make music on its own The Response Collective is still a band. Three people - a guitar player, a bassist/keyboardist and a turntablist make this instrumental music. It has been described as a mixture of dance, chill out, rock, grooves, hip hop etc…make up your own mind…Bands sometimes come together with a plan, the Response Collective just evolved, very much like the Universe. Starting from “no where” to “now here”.

Hot Milk Records Site
is a Toronto-based record label dedicated to making captivating, original music. The record label has been founded by musicians, Rosa Sitewho maintain to always devote themselves to putting out the best possible music.


Rosa's influences come from a broad range of genres. Although jazz is a clear one in many songs of hers, there is also indie rock, and blues, classical, punk, and just a general love of good music that fuels her pieces. Here, you will find a taste of some of her songs, and a hint of those yet unrecorded.

Heights Site

Greatly influenced by a variety of music from a young age, Heights creates his own musical form of genre-blending hip-hop. Heights has been making hip-hop beats for over 7 years and has worked with music for over 13. Heights' broad musical range enables him to produce a variety of genres, from hip-hop beats to movie scores.

Hear their music and their Mom a Guest on BTO!

Ocean Giants SiteFrom Austrailia are inspiring musicians blending the classical world of Indian music with indigenous, world and contemporary musical genres. Get ready for a cultural experience that will excite and tantalize you, taking you on a colourful journey to please the most sophisticated musical palate.

"Sacred Ragas" is a spiritual journey from the heart of Australia to the kingdom of bliss or “sat chit ananda”, a Sanskrit word describing our true nature.

Ocean Giants Site
(and the band "The Mode")

Ocean Giants from Brisbane Australia have international appeal with a unique sound expressing an essentially Australian rock flavour. The music reflects well crafted song formulas, inspired with dynamic melodies carried along with warm distinct vocals. The Ocean Giants continue to work on material and songs will be released on their official website as they become available.     Ocean Giants MySpace Site

Yangchen And The Giant Love Babys
On A Bloomin' Lotus Flower

Ian Mardon and the Hamburg Chamber Players
Simply Superb!

And Guest on BTO!

Sanctity Site
"In the Name of the Mother the Daughter and the Holy Will"

Isabelle Pascale Granet
Singer, Dancer, Poet, Composer

Sanctity is mesmerizing, unusual, ethereal, hauntingly beautiful, with a message
deep beneath what it may at first seem to be, it will take you elsewhere...

Visit the Art Centre building at (this is amazing)
to view SANCTITY'S strikingly beautiful virtual performance.

The Initiate Site
"Music with a Message"

Artist/Songwriter/Producer/Sound Engineer
from Yelm, Washington
The Initiate Site

This beyond the ordinary Hip-hop artist has discovered a unique style in a crowded genre with his life experiences and his message of human potential.   He performed "I Have A Dream" at the 2007 Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration at The Tacoma Dome.   He is wonderful to see perform in person and is available for your events.

The Initiate MySpace        And Guest on BTO!

Coming to you from Paris, Ile-de-France

"Warrior, Lord of the Wind"

and with Benoit Vaudrin of Quebec...

"The Wild Ones"
"Libre comme le Vent"  (Free as the Wind)    (Lyrics in French and English)
"Nouvelle Nation"  (Brand New Nation)   (Lyrics in French and English)

Nicole's Site

Songwriter/Lead guitarist and Vocals from Virginia
Electronica, Rock, New Age

On her way to Yelm...


Karl Max Macke


Randy's Site
Minneapolis-based Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter

it's a little bit Country and a little bit Rock 'n' Roll
Newest Album "Late Bloomer"
His newest release is founded in roots Americana, blending folk, rock,
country and blues.

Oscar's MySpace

From Chicago, Illinois
Rock / Experimental / Alternative

"Modern Shuga" and "Orkastr8 Da Love"

Find Randy's site Here!Find Randy's site Here!
"Randy's musical journey began on February 9, 1964 with The Beatles appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show.  Noticing the impact that music had on people motivated Randy to "pick up my guitar and play".  A virtuoso musician Randy played 1st Chair Baritone Horn all through his school years and was instrumental in helping win a 1st place trophy in Minnesota State Band Competitions in 1976 with a piece in which he was featured soloist.  Randy's bands include: Sky Pilot, Diamond, Lip Service, Radio Flyer, and Silent Scream. Randy's CDs can be sampled and purchased at:"

Find Randy's albums at
"Randy Fricke" and "Nature Calling"

Click here for more info!

Tarik Nia
"Funky Poet Vol 2"

His new album is funky spirit moving music for body and soul,
fun and inspirational!

It's funky, it's light funk, it's poetry written for music
and performed with the endearing innocence of the childlike quality we all have inside somewhere.

Click here for more info!

Introducing New Music by Jon Baroni!

His new album "Wake Up Calls" moves us towards a new "environmental" paradigm.

For more information browse:

You hear it here first on BTO!

Truette   "Dreams of the Neophyte"
and "Alien Blue"
(not released)

Starting at 6 years of age, and majoring in Music and Theology, Truette is now known for her flamboyant playing style in the The Gene Pool Band.

"I love to listen to BTO, a most inspiring station with an eclectic blend of music and great interviews, teachers on subjects that will rock your world! Yeah! Just Do It!"

Truette has generously donated 200 CDs to BTO!   You may purchase them from us for the under-list price of $10.00
Thank you Truette!

Order CD's Here!
"Blow Your Mind" and "Bloodshot"
And Ripped Myspace

Now beginning a revolution to transform today's music for young people into something with meaning and purpose!

Michael Wanda and his band "Blue Hairy Men"
(from down under!)
Write to him about his music Here!
Also creator of "The Money Game" and
Guest on BTO!

Buy CD here!
Niki Louise, creator of "Ananda, The Gift" and
"Ananda Wake Up"
(from down under!)

A former Opera Singer with extensive training as a Classical Musician, as well as actress and Teacher of Drama, Niki presents us with her first original work for your listening pleasure.

And Guest on BTO!
Email: Suzanne
Suzanne Nichols   "Dream the Dream of Future Days"Email Suzanne for her CD!
Becoming a teacher at the "Children's School of Excellence" in 1999, Suzanne is also author of "Science You-nified! Physics and Physiology for Masters in the Making"
And Guest on BTO!

Listen to Martin on BTO! Order CD Here!
Author, artist, musician, and Tzutujil Mayan Shaman.

"All human beings come from the other world, but we forget it a few months after we’re born. This amnesia occurs because we are dazzled by the beauty and physicality of this world. We spend the rest of our lives putting back together our memories of the other world, enough to serve the greater good and to teach the new amnesiacs — the children — how to remember. Often, this lesson is taught during the initiation into adulthood".

Steve's Site Steve's Site
Steve Rokosh
The Power In Silence

Once the state of silence is realized in you, tension releases, we breathe again, the mundane loses its importance...ultimately we become ourselves, aware in the present moment.

Peace in all this starts with you.

Shawn's Site Shawn's Site
Shawn Gallaway
Two beautiful Albums

Shawn Gallaway‘s mission is empowering people to take caring, positive action in their lives and in the world right now. He accomplishes this with resounding clarity through his music and art. As a multi-talented guitarist, singer-songwriter, and visual artist, Shawn weaves music, song, and painting into a richly textured experience that calls for enlightened activism.

Listen to her interview!

Order CD Here!

Belinda Farrell   "Enchantment"

A Huna practitioner of ancient Hawaiian healing, BTO plays a chant from her CD "Enchantment", and also a And Guest on Eagle/Condor, (before it evolved to BTO).

"The Highest Self is a perfect blend of the masculine and feminine energies untied into one being."

Call Your Dance Productions:

Suzanne Daniels   "Zero Point Energy - Welcome to God"

A new adventure in Quantum Consciousness, for an audience that really needs to know who they are!

Email Suzanne

Life is to...
feel YOUR music
dance YOUR dance!

Three Faboulous Pianists
from Washington State
Joe Bongiorno
Jennifer Thomas
Joe Yamada
Joe Bongiorno
"Somewhere Within"
The latest release with his
stunning technique!

Joe's piano music is entirely original. All tracks were composed, recorded and mastered by Joe at his private Mellow Sounds studio in suburban Seattle.

Jennifer Thomas
New Age Classical Pianist
and Composer
"Key of Sea"

Her exceptional debut album ranges from the classics to the cinematic, and it's only the beginning!

Joe Yamada
Solo Pianist and Composer

New-age/contemporary/pop solo piano music, some romantic, some inspirational, but each with its own unique story...

See Lenor's Website Here!
LeNor Barry
"Healer: With A Twist!"

Titles of CD tracks:

"Grandmother Clock"
"Healer with a Twist"
"Speed of Sound"
"The Game"
and more!

LeNor has generously donated 100 of her CD's to BTO!   You may purchase them from us at the under-list price of $10.00 - Thank you LeNor!

Click here for more Info!
Peter & Dennis

Click here for more Info!
Moonbase69 is a musical laboratory where people with a knack for technology and music are abusing their equipment. Through bubbling filters and cooking oscillators, we convert ideas into audible signals, also known as "Music".

CD by "Tribe 1"   titled: "One"

Vocals by Diane Spann, her sister Niyonu Spann is the founder of "Tribe 1", 12 individuals, growing, learning...
"...wherever we all be, we are always One Family...
One Tribe.

See More Here!
See More Here!

"The Tribe"

"The Choice"


"Into the Unknown"
Music... all of
for all of

Email Epiphanio

Karl Schaffner  (email)
"Journey to a Far Land"

"head in the waves"
"the march
(to leave is to return)"

Email Karl here for information

Meditation, Focus, Contemplation, or Relaxation!

Order CD Here!

"Success & Prosperity"

An exceptional deep hypnotic journey for making real change in your life!

Grandmother Pa'Ris'Ha
"Success & Prosperity"

Hear her on BTO! Grandmother Pa'Ris'Ha speaks about mind, subconscious, quantum physics, creating, and hypnotic programming. Then prepares you for the visualization process. The second half of the hour is Grandmother guiding you through the Hypnotic Programming Session followed by her beautiful "Heart Song". All except "Heart Song" is from her CD titled "Success & Prosperity: Teachings by Pa'Ris'Ha"

Order CD Here!

Order CD Here!
Enjoy Remko Arentz, Beyond the Ordinary Style!

With "Carriers of Sound" let yourself be carried on a journey through time and space. This uplifting music can be used for deep meditation, relaxation and healing work.

"Sacred Flames of Eternity" takes you on a voyage to lost galaxies, black holes, to the edges of the universe... This music can be used for deep meditation, relaxation and healing work.
Kevin Setchko
"Cloud Etchings" by Bodhi

This music was arranged and recorded in a beautiful studio in the forests of western Sonoma County, California.  The winter storms were especially conducive to an inward, reflective state of being.Order CD Here!  These pieces are an expression of that quiet place inside where time ceases to exist and one can innocently feel the innate, "Basic Goodness" of life.  May your experience through this music that special place inside your self.
"Time Beyond Time"
A Poem by Paul Von Ward

A brilliant author who writes with non-judgmental clarity and gives us "Gods, Genes, and Consciousness" "Our Solarian Legacy: Multidimensional Humans in a Self-Learning Universe" "Solarian Legacy: Metascience & A New Renaissance" and "Dismantling the Pyramid: Government by the People"

Listener comment:

I have been browsing the cdbaby website where the artists' albums are sold and have found a number of albums that are enjoyable. Thank you for opening the doorway!

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