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~~~ Brooks A. Agnew ~~~
"Everything we do will eventually affect the universe. Do it on purpose."  -Agnew
Dr. Brooks Agnew, Founder of Advanced Planetary Explorations, LLC is the Scientific Project Director of the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition (NPIEE). By far the most innovative and courageous exploration effort in modern times. "We are unable to go to the Moon. We are decades away from manned exploration to Mars. This Expedition to the North Pole region is possible and within reach.  There has never been a more exciting or appropriate time to visit this region of the Earth. The science is ready. The documentary film viewing public is ready. The mission is extraordinary enough to dominate documentary content for a strong feature release and bold enough to make history."  It is interesting to note that Brooks is the descendant of the Scottish explorer James Ross, who is credited with the discovery of the Magnetic North Pole in 1831.

Dr. Agnew's interest in space exploration inspired him with friends at JPL, NASA, and Hughs. He entered the Air Force in 1973, where he graduated top in his class in electronics engineering & later graduated with honors in Chemistry from TN Tech. As a physicist, he is probably one of the most experienced pioneers of ground probing radar technology in the world. This technology is currently utilized in the Mars Express program. He has authored thousands of technical, scientific, papers, booklets, & documentaries. Brilliant and accomplished, Brooks is also delightful & a joy to spend time with! Nancy & Elena

The success of the expedition is dependent on the knowledge, skills and expertise of the leadership team. This first-of-a-kind adventure is being led by the most qualified and scientifically-focused individuals available today.

In 2001, the research program began. The seismological data, history, astronomy, satellite data, was reviewed, studied, and scrutinized. The personal testimony of dozens of explorers was gathered and analyzed. The physics of the current structure of the Earth was calculated and recalculated   ...At the end of the study, there was still not enough data to disprove the theory that the Earth might be hollow. In fact, the evidence that it might became so numerous, that planning for an expedition to the Arctic region as a process for proof of the hypothesis became necessary. The work to assemble a science team began in 2004. By 2005 the plans for an expedition using the Russian nuclear powered icebreaker were formulated. Steven Currey Expeditions headed the team and began collecting scientists and engineers from around the world....       He would love to hear from you!

Warning... following these links may take you deep down a rabbit-hole of mind expanding
videos, books, & projects full of fascinating information   ...from which you may not surface for days!

North Pole Inner Earth Exploration    Advanced Planetary Explorations (APEx)

Videos:  Hollow Earth, Documentary, Brooks Agnew PHD (three parts)   Our Hollow Earth Expedition Update
Another multiple part titled: "2012 & The North Pole - Hollow Earth Expedition" search on the title in youtube

Dr. Agnew has joined with archaeologist EJ Clark, 30+ years researching ancient civilizations, crawling through tunnels, she understands ancient writings, recovered the secrets of the Freemasons & knows why they were so important. They have produced a most comprehensive work.

Dr. Agnew is a world-renowned project and launch manager with project budgets in excess of $2 million. He is a Six Sigma Black Belt with more than $500 million in project improvements, including a new food-free Biodiesel Plant in Odessa, WA.

Currently the Vice President of Engineering for Green Star Products, Inc. (stock symbol GSPI) Brooks has helped design and construct the most efficient BIODIESEL production plant on the West Coast to make 8 million gallons of clean-burning biodiesel per year. click on 'Projects'. He is also the company's lead engineer to build the largest algae-biodiesel facility in the world.

Global Green Cars, Inc. President Brooks Agnew with one of the little beauties. See the showroom with more models. Brooks has also, driving it himself, proven his electric car's performance level at the Corbin Speedway.

Robin Lamb and Brooks Agnew
The Phoenix Science Foundation
is primarily dedicated to bringing new Energy and Propulsion technologies through the prototype and manufacturing stages by providing funding and launch leadership. [Ed. the inventor, engineer, or scientist will find inviting possibilities here]

You can listen to Dr. Agnew LIVE every Sunday night from 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM Pacific Time on X-Squared Radio.

Very few will go on this magnificent voyage, but all of us can help it happen!  On the pages of you will see this:  Support the greatest expedition in the history of the world by embedding our Microsite in your Facebook Profile by clicking on "SHARE" ...It's a very cool addition to your Facebook pages!

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September 21st, 2010
"Be Who You Want To BE"

What's a scientist doing writing a self help book? His pursuit of the idea that intention resonates with the universe lead him to find something amazing about the Golden Mean in Fibonacci numbers which are in so many places in nature, "there's got to be some resonance principle here." When energy comes together in the universe somehow it creates order out of chaos. It's about unlocking that which you seek, and he made it work! The book "Remembering the Future: The Physics of the Soul and Time Travel", how and when the book was written, explains how to make it work and gives the tools. The real world, real wealth, and when we are what we want to be. People who follow what he calls The Attila the Hun guide to business, stars and wagons, clearing your old scripts and habits, and what all that means. The X-Factor Human and how to build companies. Linear time and time in the macro scale where photons have no past at the speed of light. Going into the future and placing a dream there, learn what Tesla did to add energy to that dream. And an update on his electric truck, US Congress loves it!

NOTE: "Remembering the Future" is available now. When you order the book Brooks will send it to you autographed and give you the audio book for free!
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July 26th, 2010
"Remembering the Future"

This hour is packed full with fabulous information from his new book "Remembering the Future" intriguing, fun, and possible for anyone to do! As a former college math instructor he explains the fascinating Fibonacci sequence of progression which is everywhere in nature, and in Da Vinci's work. An amazing thing happens that allows things to arise from chaos in nature yet in physics there is the irrefutable law of entropy. This led him to a breakthrough back then that he later pursued, a solution to the doom and gloom of 2012 "How do we as sentient beings choose a future?" The culmination of it all is in the new book, how he put energy, even conscious energy, together in a Fibinacci process that he calls the "Phoenix Sequence" out of which comes the golden mean that the Universe will support! That brings us to his experience with "The Secret", nothing happens there, so he unlocked the "Secret's" missing ingredients and provided a toolbox with his example of how he used it to radically change his life. Then other life changing events... "You can actually reach out to the future and the distant past and pull things to the present and become empowered to do what our teacher Ramtha tells us to do - to make your own neighborhood." He shares his experiences from the future/past (it all exists now) and at age 10 he was suddenly doing things a college student would not attempt. More on time, creating, the status of reality, breaking the cycle of repeating the past, lack and abundance, and your biological transducer. The most important question is... What is Your Dream?

Only for BTO Listeners: The book should be out in about a month, when you order the book he'll send it to you autographed and give you the audio book for free! So if you don't like to read, don't worry, Brooks read it for you!
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June 8th, 2010
"Zero Point Energy"

Good news on his electric truck, 70% American made which makes it the most American made truck in America, and will create jobs for Americans! "The real electric car business knows that the major car maker's are never going to deliver an affordable electric vehicle for the people." Wait until you hear what the major car maker's are up to! "We're are going a different way, we believe that people deserve energy independence," and what that means. Listeners beware, he shares his take on technology floating around out there as legitimate when it really isn't. He checks these things out with sophisticated electronics and then follows the money. Devices based on zero point energy and other "dimensions" or plans you can buy. Beware when you see, MLM, priced very high, and clever verbal marketing. Happily, the Gov is opening the doors to ZPE by giving grants to real serious research. Zero point energy does exist and he explains why it is so difficult to 'collect' even the tiniest amounts, and what Tesla technology is about. Being a scientist he needs proof, for instance he doesn't need to believe in UFOs, he knows they exist and tells the stories! More on solar energy, the place from where we should be getting our energy. An interesting story about a visitor at his biodiesel plant in WA and about making 100 gallons of it in your own garage for about $1 per gal! Lastly, an update on the expedition.
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September 24th, 2009
"Making History as we Speak"

What was it like to make history in the past? Making history now is different since we can travel and communicate instantly "Evolution of human kind has accelerated, our knowledge base has expanded far faster than our wisdom to use that knowledge." Using chromatography as an example, groups of highly enlightened people showing up on the planet at the same time, such as the striking crowd of over 1000 RSE students he met that are on a path of extreme evolution. In chronological order we get some of his history of adventures, projects, and over 20 years in the automotive industry. He sheds new light on what has happened to electric cars and what the cars companies should have done. He built a bio diesel plant, solar powered fuel, which greatly helped the WA state farmers with the most fertile wheat growing land in the world, it created an amazing model of what can be done anywhere. But who really killed the electric car? It wasn't GM... just wait until you hear why GM did the world a favor by crushing those cars! And now we can see the difference with Brooks' new 2010 pickup truck making history for electric vehicles at the race track! "We believe simplicity is the crown of genius, and complexity the cloak of mediocrity." On to the evolution of the human race, the struggles and challenges that makes us grow, what is your dream? Earth's uniqueness and the manipulation of fuel to create the gas engine addiction. A funny and fascinating Ham radio story about "The bird is in the attic," a young Brooks, and the FCC... Hams and HAARP, "weather warfare" and more very cool details about Earth's core, magnetic fields, the depression in the sea, dynamo effect, NASA, and an update on the great North Pole Inner Earth Expedition!
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August 17th, 2009
"A Real Fantastic Voyage!"

When Brooks visited RSE earlier this year he fell in love with the school, its students, and especially the focus activities, he's been practicing blindfolded archery ever since and doing very well! Judging by the overwhelming response from students to his stunning presentation about searching for Our Hollow Earth, the feeling was quite mutual. His courageous and exciting plan is to lead an expedition into an ocean never before sailed above the arctic circle to a place where sea level is below sea level, a mysterious depression where gravity itself may be different, and the only way to know is to go. Only two ships on Earth can make such a voyage, the $2 million Russian charter ship carrying tons of scientific equipment and a maximum of 100 passengers fits the bill. And Brooks needs funding to pay the bill! This is beyond any 'Indiana Jones' adventure, this is a real and unforgettable voyage to discover evidence of hollow earth! Who will go, how does he choose with already thousands of requests to be on that ship? He explains his vision of the best possible team with a unique itinerary that knocks on the door of another world. Intriguing highlights from research that has him focused on this one spot, USGS seismographs indicates a gap under the crust, Aura Borealis behavior at both poles, and the interesting "Data Denial Act" that banned pictures of the poles to the public. What is there we are not supposed to see? He also notes that his electric car company, among others, was excluded from the promised government grant it had qualified for and instead every penny went to bankrupt car companies leaving nothing for the small business innovators for which the grants were originally intended, it was a complete scam. The economics have made it very difficult to get funding for this extraordinary trip which can only be attempted between June and August. The voyage will be completely covered steady as she goes for all of us to see as it happens! Though Brooks says this is just the first baby step towards discovery, four films will be made from the extensive coverage of the North Pole expedition. Are people ready for this? "We are getting close to an event of unprecedented scope, the planet is about to begin a new age, (2012) ...there is going to be hype but there is also reality. When you have great teachers like Ramtha out there lighting that light inside people and training them how to focus that light like a laser beam that has an effect on the universe." Brooks and his team stay focused on a message of hope, a message of unity as a planet, and making this voyage a reality, they already feel the spray of the ocean as it flies over the bow and hear the screws crunching the ice through the night. "We are proving every day that our consciousness is the creative force of the universe."

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